Hi there!
My name is Marina Evseeva
I'm an entrepreneur, business advisor, lawyer-in-training, and a mom of two daughters.
What would you do if you had less than 24 hours to pack and leave the country you lived all your life in?
In Russia, I was an entrepreneur and a political activist, and I was attempting to raise funds to support the opposition. However, certain events occurred that made life in my country no longer safe for individuals like me.

I had to leave quickly; fortunately, I already had tickets to New York for a vacation. Instead, I had to change my flight to the earliest available option and fly in search of basic human safety. With no time to pack, I gathered what was most important to me: my cat and two suitcases filled with books in Russian. I wasn't certain if I could find Russian books in America.
It was a one-way ticket for me...
At the age of 22, I came to this country seeking political asylum. I didn't have the luxury of choosing the country, nor did I have time to prepare, and I did not know English.
I arrived with just enough money to cover a deposit and one month's rent for a studio apartment. Therefore, I knew that I had to earn a living, learn English as quickly as possible, and pursue an education. I was terrified that I wouldn't be able to make it and would end up homeless on a bench in Central Park, but the thought of a park bench was far less frightening than the situation I had left behind in Russia.
I began searching for employment in Russian-speaking groups. The only open position I was able to find was as an assistant to a paralegal...
How much do you think an assistant would get in New York? $8 per hour!
Fortunately, I didn't land that job.

I possessed practical skills and a small portfolio related to facial tattoos, specifically permanent makeup for eyebrows, eyeliner, and lips. With this in mind, I decided to pursue this avenue. I applied for a license, received approval, and approached two studios, asking them to consider me. I explained to the owners that I didn't need to be paid; rather, I needed a space where I could bring my clients, and I was willing to pay them a commission from my sales. Both owners agreed to my proposal.
There were only three problems - I had no money, no English, and no clients.
Additionally, I did not know about the necessary paperwork for starting a business in the United States, understand the tax system, or even how to promote my services in a different language. Unfortunately, I couldn't afford professional advice either.

Therefore, the only solution I could see was to quickly educate myself. I discovered a Business Administration college program that seemed to hold the answers I was seeking (plus, I could improve my English as a bonus!). Everything sounded promising until I reviewed the admission requirements, which included an English proficiency exam and a substantial tuition fee (that could give me a heart attack, I swear!). At that moment, I was taken aback and, to be honest, I'm still in disbelief about it. I closed the website immediately. My next Google search was focused on how people could afford such costs.

Federal aid or loans were not viable options for me due to my immigration status. Most people in my situation would simply wait until they obtained a green card or citizenship. However, that process takes many years, and I couldn't afford to wait. I have only one life, and I'm determined to live it to the fullest.

About a year later, I found the University of the People on Facebook.
I noticed that it was "tuition-free," but I remained skeptical, so I felt the need to double-check the total cost. To my surprise, it was indeed tuition-free. I then looked into the English language requirement and discovered that, instead of testing my English proficiency, they offered to teach me before admission. I decided to give it a try; even if I didn't get accepted, I thought I could at least improve my English. My expectations for enrolling weren't very high. However, I successfully passed the English language exam and began taking college courses.

Right away, I began applying the knowledge I gained from the program to my life, business, and to assist others:

I acquired skills in business writing and marketing, which allowed me to start creating content for social media and my website.

I gained proficiency in accounting and finance, equipping me with the ability to effectively manage personal and business finances.

I acquired knowledge in business law, enabling me to navigate company registration and simple legal protection.

I was able to balance studying, growing my business, and raising my kids simultaneously.

I supplemented my education with various additional courses and practical experience.
Like a sponge, I was eager to learn more to address the challenges that emerged in my business. While I had previous business experience in my home country as a co-founder of two medical spas called "Morkovka," I felt that business operations in the United States were more intricate. My permanent makeup business provided the perfect opportunity to experiment with marketing and strategic approaches that would benefit micro and small businesses.

The unique aspect of permanent makeup (PMU) is that every client is new, necessitating strong marketing skills to maintain a consistent client base for an artist. By tackling this challenge, I developed valuable expertise in launching new locations, attracting clients quickly, and establishing a solid reputation.

Over the years, I tested and refined my strategy, and it proved successful in five different states: New York, California, Connecticut, New Hampshire (for permanent makeup), and North Carolina (where I had a small real estate business). I transformed my business using the strategies and tools I acquired during my studies, turning it into a steady and dependable source of income. This transformation boosted my confidence in my future.

What's next for me?
I never stop learning. I've come to understand that the most valuable investment of my time is becoming a professional or mentor who can guide entrepreneurs in navigating the world of business. This is something I wish I had when I first started, and it's the kind of support that could save a lot of time and help prevent many mistakes.

Currently, I am on the verge of completing my Master's degree in Business Administration, with a concentration in Finance and Banking, from the Swiss School of Business and Management. In addition, I am pursuing a Juris Doctor degree (expected in 2026), with a concentration in Business and Intellectual Property Law, at the University of New Hampshire Franklin Pierce School of Law.

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P.S. Allow me to introduce you to my team of cuties - their love brings an abundance of joy and energy into my life, making my work even more meaningful!
Matilda is 4 years old, and Marusya is 3 years old. Both of them aspire to follow in their mommy's footsteps - they want to attend university when they grow older, study diligently, and make a positive impact by helping people!